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Social media: In the end it is all about freedom, whether you seek to follow the freedom fighters or Cesar Milan.

Today sharing is power. Twitter is one of the best tools to share knowledge and gain power. The conservative Internetuser is the most passionate opponent: ‘Why should I want to know when the neighbour is having coffee with his mother? Why should I want to tell the rest of the world I am having a shower?’

Caro Sicking for nonfiXe

Mistake! Twitter is not about having a shower or taking ones kids to the Zoo and telling the world about it. Twitter is a powerful and extremely fast railroad for messaging. In Libya Ali Tweel sent messages to the world about Gaddafi’s atrocities. Ali Tweel got support from people who never before knew of his existence; from friends he himself did not know he had. News agencies quoted him as a source. He is one of the brave who got information out of the tight Gaddafi occupied country. When Ali Tweel stopped tweeting alarm bells rang all over the world. There still are enormous gaps in the timelines of Ali Tweels’ followers. He hasn’t sent a message for almost two weeks now. Nobody knows what became of him: has he been caught by Gaddafi’s troops or is it impossible to get a connection? But Ali Tweel is one of the guys who gave words to the Libyan Revolution. People are virtually gathering on the subject of freedom and by doing so they defy all borders.

Now maybe you are not interested in freedom, but you do want to know all about Japans’ misfortune or you like to find out if there are still tickets for your favourite show, how to domesticate your dog, or try new recipes. It is all there, just make a selection of the subjects and people of your interest and browse the world. Forget about your morning paper for actualities or even inside stories, these are real time available on the net.

What about journalism then? Is there still need for a professional press? I think there is. More then ever. The world needs trustworthy professionals to check sources, to dive into information, know history and analyse what is happening. Guides in the message spaghetti bowl are more important then ever before. They too are virtual and thus borderless, they make it their lives’ job to help you find your way and to protect democracy. Democracy? Yes, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to live ones life as one wishes without bullies telling people what to do or think. In the end it is all about freedom, whether you seek to follow the freedom fighters or Cesar Milan.

nonfiXe, March 16, 2011