Restart Your Self and Feel like Reborn


MESSGE 2221 by Frank van Empel

There is a new version of your Self. You can download the file now, but in order to install it, you’ll first have to restart your brains. This can take a few hours, but then you feel like reborn. The programm will renew all the wires inside your body as well as all the connections with the networks outside your Self that are older than 24 years. The XS16978TN542 Parkinson mutation in your deeper brain system that’s detected recently but is not activated yet, will be overwritten. The same holds for the wild card 333X cells in your prostate, that hinder your sexlife, although your brains don’t notice yet!

From the inside out the new cells in Compartment XX2 of your leftside brainkwab that are installed last time, on DAY.02.13.2654, and that have been developed during 12 X-RAY Treatments to MAX SIZE, will enter your social networks to restore the harm in your family. The woman you’ve met and that you’ve been penetrating in secret places of your extended memory, will be wiped out, with or without your permission. By command of Lieutenant Masslgrw, your devoted COACH on behalf of your father, licensed by World Agreement 2333 of the Anti-Devorce Rule, an integral part of the NO WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY order O’Ss/.

Please enter your personal code to activate your restart <ENTERPC 232…XS>