Sneakpreview Only Winners in 11 images

Eleven witty sharp black & white drawings by pricewinning artist Barend van Hoek translate Only Winners – 535 paged thesis by Frank van Empel & Martin Bakker – into a popular version. By Barend and Frank, April 26, 2012

The thesis Only Winners by Frank van Empel and Martin Bakker derives from failure. Inability to influence the behavior of people, systems, ingrained habits, calcified structures, routine decision-making processes, outdated technologies and closed sub-cultures to disrupt and then reset to give room for innovation. Ten years of intensive involvement in regional sustainable development policies in Noord-Brabant have produced not much more than minutes, reports and resolutions. How can we improve this? That was the central question. The answer – about 500 pages – will follow on Thursday April 26, early in the morning at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Pricewinning Dutch painter Barend van Hoek translated the scientific work into eleven sharp lined drawings that are published in a witty book, presented at Arpil 26 2012.

Image: Barend van Hoek, Ecotrail, pencil on paper, 2012

You can find the pdf here: Allemaal Winnen, een andere wereld. Text by Frank van Empel. Drawings by Barend van Hoek. Design: Pieter Aarts. Print: Booxs. Publisher Studio nonfiXe, ISBN 978.94.90665.07.4

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