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Needed: Radical Change for Peace!

Humanity is in a battle against barbarism.  nonfiXe looks ahead. After humanity has won – and it will win, humanity always wins as long as people are involved – the global community will have one chance to seize the moment and create a better world. A world where all are welcome, included, equal and participating, […]


  • The Natural Step

    We look for ways to live happy and healthy. That is what sustainability is about, taking into account that the generations to come and places elsewhere in the world are not to be damaged. Here, there, now and later are keywords to put our behaviour into a framework of space and time.
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  • Spud up weeds

    The gardener smiles while sweeping the sweat from his forehead. Then he grabs once again his hoe, which is resting against the apple-tree and continues his work. The man has a healthy tan. It shows he works his garden every day. He does that following the principles of eco-gardening.
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